4 comments on “The 1980s Are Overrated. And Annoying.

  1. What a bloody good piece and 100% true. As a 40 year old I grew up in the 80’s and it annoys me when apologists and revisionists say it was brilliant. Most of them are kids who weren’t around back then and go off what biased rubbish mummy and daddy or uncle and auntie say. We have the me me me society we have today because of the 1980’s. Thatcher/Reagan anyone ? .

    • Thanks, Karl!

      I’ll admit, my take on the 1980s has softened a bit–blame my lust for fawning over pics of young Keanu Reeves during the 80s (with absolutely no shame, by the way). I’m noticing that pop culture is shifting away from 80s nostalgia and getting on stuff from the 90s. Good because the 80s love has been worn out completely, but bad because now they’re getting on MY decade! Also, after what I’ve seen in pop culture from this year alone, I’d actually take the 80s over the 2010s any effing day. All that said, I still think that decade is pretty overrated. But annoying? Sometimes, but not as annoying as this decade. This decade is soooo much worse, and it’s not even finished yet!

      By the way, do those “apologists” and “revisionists” also write for Buzzfeed, too? 😉

  2. I wear JNCO Jeans and dress 90’s, chain in my wallet, backward colored caps and soul patch beard.
    I hope 90’s rave culture return too.
    80’s music terrible…. I prefer the 90’s and early 2000’s anyday over the 80’s!
    btw, I’m born 1991 so I waz not even around in 80’s.

    • Hi there!

      Well, I was alive for a good five years of the ’80s (born in late ’84). And, as I commented before, my view on the 80s has softened since I wrote this entry. (It reverts back to distaste when I encounter some “olds”–in person or online–saying that the 80s were the “greatest decade ever” while dissing the 90s, haha.) Given what I’ve seen in pop culture and society in the past two years alone, I’d rather take the 80s over this decade any effing day of the week. The 90s seem to be coming back in fashion, but it’s a shoddy version of it. (It’s Forever 21’s version of the 90s–meaning it’s not really 90s at all.) It doesn’t help that some of the names whom the media believes are “reviving” 90s style are turd-brain celebutards like Miley Cyrus and Jaden Smith. Those two hacks wouldn’t even know how to work a pager or Giga Pet.

      If you like 90s rave, check out my Pinterest board that’s dedicated to 90s Dance & Rave music. Get ready to party! https://www.pinterest.com/missdeelauren/90s-dancerave-songs/

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